Impressed by the AI

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Impressed by the AI

Postby Andy Brown » Fri May 09, 2008 3:33 am

I'd like to comment on the AI. It's not brilliant but it does some neat things.

I like the way it seems to try and flank or bypass my positions once it knows they're there. The AI seems to avoid reinforcing failure and will try another route if it runs into tough opposition.

I think I noticed the AI putting some ZSUs-23-4 into overwatch and sending forward infantry to draw my fire. DPICM solved the problem but it could have become a real threat.

Towards the end of one game when both sides had suffered numerous casualties, I noticed several enemy infantry squads form up in front of one of my remaining objectives and advance together.

I don't know if the AI does these things intentionally or if it was accidental but it was certainly impressive to watch.

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Re: Impressed by the AI

Postby Veitikka » Fri May 09, 2008 11:11 am

Sometimes the random numbers are in the right time and place ;)

It is true that the AI uses flanking, bypassing and scouting and divides his troops into main and supporting efforts, but currently it won't change the main attack routes even if it runs into heavy resistance. Also, I'd like it to use some kind of reserve force. It is very hard to implement an intelligent AI when there is practically endless number of map and force combinations.
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